MexFinancial aims to make banking and financial services available on mobile platforms.

By using MexFinancial, banks and other financial service organisations are able to provide customers with innovative and value-adding services that include:

- Account Alerts - including balance, overdraft, payment reminders and transaction information.
- Process alerts - provide customers with updated milestone information for mortgage, insurance and loan application progress.
- Fraud prevention -confirm legitimate transactions or provide second-level authentication such as pin codes for web access.
- A convenient and secure way of making financial transactions – e.g. making purchases, cash transfers, redemptions, etc.
- Internal Communication - IT systems alerts, company staff notifications.
- Marketing - personalised and interactive marketing with customers.

Benefits of MexFinancial:

- Low cost communication - mobile messaging is more cost-efficient compared with letters and call centres.
- Direct communication - SMS allows financial institutions and their customers to interact in real-time wherever they are located. Fraud prevention features can engage more quickly, and service response times are significantly shortened, increasing the loyalty of satisfied customers.


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