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Our Vision
Our passion is fuelled by our vision to be the leading Mobile Solutions company in Asia Pacific.

Our Mission
To help our customers achieve their business objectives by providing innovative Mobile Solutions Services.

The Mexcomm ethos.
To be a valuable asset to all our stakeholders.
 - Our success is shared by everyone, including our customers, our business partners, our shareholders and our employees.
 - We are committed to generating the best return on investments to our stakeholders.
To never compromise moral integrity.
- We shall at all times conduct our business with integrity and responsibility, never compromising our moral fiber.
To ensure that we keep in mind society as a whole.
- We shall at all times consider what effects business decisions may have on others, as we believe that true success lies in regarding the community as a whole.

Our Business Focus.
Our primary business focuses on all things mobile, specifically:
- SMS messaging gateway provision (more information)
- SMS service provision (more information)
- Mobile applications and marketing
(more information)

As our business continues to evolve, we are adding more technologies to our portfolio of services. Interactive television is one such technology (Click here to learn more).
Mexcomm is always open to new partnerships and business possibilities. We are eager to hear from you should you be interested in adding to our business focus :)

Our Technology.
Ezlynx is what sets Mexcomm apart from the competition.
Developed by our talented programmers, Ezlynx comprises of the various powerful technologies that our services are based on.

Our Target.
Our Target is to be able to provide premium messaging connectivity to 42 mobile operators over 11 Asia Pacific countries.







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