What is iTV?

MexITV allows for multiple streams of media to be displayed into the homes of potentially millions of viewers.

Not long ago, television broadcasts were limited to one ‘stream’ of media; the broadcast of the traditional television program itself. As we enter a new era in technology and begin to live faster-paced lives, it has become common practice to amalgamate multiple information streams into fewer devices.

MexITV aims to do this with television by introducing alternative advertising streams, delivering mobile content and increasing previously unseen functionality to the end-users.

Traditional Programming
Naturally, traditional television programs can be included into the service. Multiple cameras (for news or sports events, for example) can be incorporated into a typical system to offer unique services to the viewer.



Internet Feeds / Information

Internet feeds (such as RSS) can be fed to the live broadcast, streamlining the information delivery to the viewer. As MexITV can be customised to support almost any outgoing feed from the internet, content may also include weather forecasts, sports results, television program schedules or news updates.



Interactive Services
Games, live chat and other interactive services can also be delivered to the channel. Interaction typically utilises MexComm’s SMS infrastructure; viewers are encouraged to partcipate by sending either game control instructions or chat messages to a chosen short code. Our media aggregator will interpret the information and display it accordingly on-screen.




Advertising using MexITV has many benefits, foremost being the potential target audience MexITV can reach. Viewers can be further segregated simply by changing the broadcast content. Adding to this is MexITV’s ability to display multiple media formats. This vastly opens what type of advertising can be conducted, from content-relative sponsorship to competitions and market research surveys.










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