MexPremium utilises a reverse-billing SMS process whereby charges are made to a subscriber's mobile phone in return for a service. Typically the subscriber sends an SMS message to a short-code number (usually 5 digits), often including a keyword in the message. In return the subscriber receives a service or multimedia content for which a charge is made on that subscriber's mobile phone.

How MexPremium works.

In some countries, providers are required by law or regulation to provide a means of opting out of a service once it has been commenced. Most typically, this is achieved by sending a stop message (most typically, simply “STOP”) to the same number as the service itself.

Some examples of MexPremium applications are charged voting systems for television and the press, subscription campaigns for a football team's news service allowing fans to receive goal replays, or prize draw and competition-type marketing applications.

As you can see, MexPremium enables a full range of SMS reverse-billing services – e.g. regular news update, gaming results, information alerts, reminders, etc.

Benefits of MexPremium:

- Provides a clear link to revenue generation.
- Community building around content preferences to promote higher loyalty to services.
- Reliable billing, directly to the mobile carrier's bill rather than to a credit card.
Direct Carrier Billing System (DCB)
What is Direct Carrier Billing System (DCB)
>The future of mobile payment, all in one.
>A mean of payment method on Mobile Devices.
>With the new technologies’ functions, which allow users of the service perform transaction online or offline without the need of a bank or a financial institution.

WHY Direct Carrier Billing (DCB)
>DCB enables anyone with smart phones, computers, tablets or tv to pay online.
>DCB doesn’t rely on banking structure thus provides a smother and simpler experience.
>DCB provides better conversion rate compare to credit card as it requires less personal info. (Only phone number)
>There are 5 times more mobile devices in the market compare to Credit card.

Benefit Direct Carrier Billing (DCB)
>DCB is the key to increase the safety level and enhance the overall online shopping experience.
>DCB increases the confidence and protect users from the risks of fraudulent.
>DCB guarantee operators a higher rate of conversion.









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