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Mexcomm is a Mobile Messaging Platform provider / SMS aggregator that specialises in SMS/Mobile application services and advertising solutions. What does that mean? It means we are obsessed with all things SMS and mobile, and are constantly looking for new ways to utilise SMS solutions and improve these technologies to conduct business.

Staying ahead with mobile marketing.

In today’s hectic environment the importance of mobile advertising is becoming more and more apparent. Through mobile applications and SMS advertising, Mexcomm can provide next-generation mobile marketing solutions beyond traditional media.

We offer a wide variety of services to help you and your business reach your customers and interact with them like never before.

Some services we provide:

SMS prevention gateway system: Mexcomm’s SMS prevention system (SPG) seeks to stop unscrupulous content providers sending illicit materials to end users by ensuring that content providers registered with Mexcomm adhere to the standards and regulations that governing bodies have applied.  (More information)

Bulk SMS distribution:  Mexcomm’s solution to mass-SMS distribution, MexBulk, is an effective way of communication as it is cost effective, utilises a media that has access to a mobile audience and can be sent instantly to a large group, manually or automatically, reducing the time and labour involved. (More information)

Reverse Billing SMS: Delivering mobile content on-demand via SMS and conveniently charging the end-user via service provider technologies, MexPremium is fast-becoming Malaysia’s largest Premium SMS service. (More information)

Mobile Applications Marketing: Mexcomm also recently launched a service specialising in developing and delivering rich-multimedia interactive applications to your customer. (More information)

Interactive Television: MexITV creates a channel of communication between television and mobile phone, combining the services of a mobile phone with television content and representing a logical step for consumers, operators and content providers. (More information)

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